The best audio software’s we would recommend to you: (For Free)


Editing any piece of audio is no easy task for a beginner, the numbers, dials and scroll bars can be very confusing to anyone. So, spending money on a certain software straight out of the bag could lead to a disaster, sure you will have all the latest features and options but how useful are they if you don’t really have a clue on what you are doing? Not very, that is why we have put together this guide on the best free audio software’s on the market today! We hope you enjoy.


  1. Audacity


In my opinion, the best overall free audio editing software must be Audacity… Maybe because it holds a special spot in my heart as I was initially taught how to use it at school at the age of 13! It was no easy task I might add but after some determination and effort I managed to pull it off. And in my eyes… if I can do it, so can you. Audacity comes with a wide variety of features you can play around with enabling you to; record, edit and export a vast range of audio type files. To go along with this great programme, people also develop 3rd party plug-ins which make the software even better and cost efficient!


If you are looking for a powerful, free audio editor… Then this is for you.


  1. Mp3DirectCut


Mp3DirectCut, contrary to the name, does more than just snip, trim and cut audio files. You can record straight into the software (with an external mic). However, there are no fancy options like in audacity but it does cover the minimum such as volume control, normalizing audio and fading in and out. Mp3DirectCut, also comes with this amazing feature where you can use the ‘Batching Processing Option’ that can very quickly apply the same setting to entire folders full of audio files! This is very handy for small projects.


If you need a small but mighty audio editing software, then we recommend this to you.


  1. Ocenaudio


Powerful yet easier to tame than Audacity, Ocenaudio is available on multiple platforms (Linux, Windows AND Mac). While it may not feature the same amount of options compared to audacity it is a great tool for every audio editing. The software offers real-time previewing whilst you edit which should 100% speed up the editing process, along with the great selection tool it makes it very easy to apply effects to various parts of the audio file.


If you are a vlogger and are looking for a simple, yet efficient software to edit with, then we recommend this to you.


  1. Acoustica Basic edition


Bursting with features, Acostica Basic Edition offers mastery with effect layering. It is an amazing tool for tweaking music recordings. Not only can you record your own sound or open files straight from your PC, you can import music straight from a CD and edit it! This is an excellent feature but going for the free version means losing out on multi-track editing and support. But in our opinion, the free version is still a great tool and definitely viable when looking for a software. It looks and acts very professionally but the only downfall that this is a Windows Only software now.


If you have grasped the basics and are looking for something a little beefier then this software is for you.


  1. LIVE 9


An advanced music station for DJ’s, LIVE 9… unlike audacity offers professional musicians to broadcast live music sessions in clubs, Resteraunt or even real concerts. With a flexible workspace, the software carries out many tasks and offers numerous features. A great touch for the software is the ability to produces MIDI files, which every musician loves. A unique feature of this product is that it offers extra packs for people with carious loops, samples, drum and other instrument mixes, along with rhythms, noises and melodies.

LIVE 9 may take some time to get used to but we recommend checking out the YouTube tutorials.


Overall If you are ready to take the next step in audio editing, this is for you.



There we have the top pick for free audio editors, let us know if you found any great free editing software’s in the comments below.