The most expensive home stereo systems.

We all love good sounds, and it’s even better when you have just purchased that brand-new surround sound system costing you over £300 but… there must be something for the more attuned taste when it comes to sound? That’s why on this list we are specifying the craziest and most expensive home sound systems.


The Dynamikks Ultima (Around $350,000)

Featuring a square metre box, the strange yet beautiful speaker can emit between 150 hertz and 23 kilohertz, Dynamikks has over 20 years in experience (in German engineering) and that shows in the speaker’s design.

Acapella Audio Arts’ Spharon “Excalibur” (Around $380,000)

Just like Dynamikks, Acapella Audio Arts has also been in the German engineering game for quite a while and has offered various sound solutions since 1997. The “Excalibur” is unique in terms of design because it combines a more conventional speaker with a huge horn! The system needs at least 40 square metres to perform well and it takes around 12 square metres up itself.


Wisdom Audio’s Infinite Wisdom Grand ($700,000)

Huge is the only way to describe this product, at 13-foot-tall it would not fit in most of our homes. But as you can see from the very tasty price tag that it is not designed or made for people who can’t fit a huge 13-foot speaker in their living room, weighing in at two tons… this speaker is made for a castle (so we presume) But the website states it works best with multilevel rooms, large homes, ballrooms and palaces! Crazy.


Goldmund Epilogue Signature Audio System (Around $1,000,000)

Despite costing more than the average life earnings, this speaker has some extremely delighted customers who have been interviewed many times just to express their love. The company has been running for around 30 years and have been developing and creating high end equipment such as a range of speakers.

Moon Audio’s Dark Star Opulence (Around $1,100,000)

With only 10 sets of this speaker system ever being made it has become extremely limited edition for music lovers, weighing about a ton it’s also possible for the speaker to deliver music even if ones ears are plugged. Developed by Florida based Mood Audio I don’t think we will see any of these anytime soon.


Transmission Audio Ultimate (Around 2 Million)

Using ribbon panels, the speaker has received many industry awards and praise for its design, each speaker has 40 subwoofers and when stood next to each other they reach a length of around 40 feet. It’s not surprising that the speaker can output a staggering 31,000 watts and comes with a lengthy 10-year warranty.

Kipnis Outer Limits Theatre (around 6 million)

Jeremy kipnis is the mad scientist behind this creation, he modified his own KSS 8.8 channel and added snell subs, this leaves him with a spine-tingling effect of realism. This system would put most others to shame and is the world’s most expensive home audio system at 6 million USD.