POS Tips & Tricks for Setting up your BlackFriday Deals

Black Friday Tips: Checklist

Black Friday has and most likely always will be the official start to the modern holiday shopping season. But to stand out, some companies are now starting the deals a whole week before actual black Friday! This is a pretty good idea seen as not many big brands have done this before. Now, have you and your company put in place its black Friday plan? Whatever the answer is, you should look through these tips and see if you have missed anything essential. The guide will be laid out with clear subjects and methods of achieving the desired goal it states.

Pull your Relevant Data

First of all, pull all of the data from your POS system from last and other years. Try and look for patterns and trends that carry on from year to year. Which promotions worked, and which ones just flopped. This step is vital as you can then find the successful attempts and then further improve them to make them work even better. Next, figure out your baseline, and then forecast based off your data. This is probably the most important thing you can do. Data is key in helping you make strategic decisions.

Plan your Promotions

Now that you have a clear guideline in place regarding the black Friday sales then you need to set up a schedule for deals. Attempting to mentally remember when and what deals to run at what time can be a big hassle! A good thing is however, you can set reminders and schedule sales on your POS system. Go into your software and automatically set up the prices you want to change, and you can also set the date and time you want the promotions to end and start. This stops sympathetic cashiers from giving discounts even after the time has ended and the sale is over.

Inventory Planning

Don’t forget to check your inventory! Ensure that you have enough promo items or at least know exactly how many you have and when you predict you will run out. This can be done on your POS device. Also, have a look at the sales and stats from last year to check what items sold well and which didn’t. You can then set your POS to then send you alerts when stock levels are getting low. That way you can order right away the items you need, if you are up to the challenge you can set the POS to order the items for you when stock is low.


One of the most important things you need to do when initiating any sale or promotion is to let the customers know! It is not enough to have sale signs in the window of the store as they will only attract people passing by. You need to update the website, send out emails and even texts if you can. This will let people know you have good deals on and they may even come to the store just for that offer.

Mobilize and re-group your staff

This time of year, is crazy and is undoubtedly the busiest time of year. You need to arm your staff with sales tablets that have POS software installed. This will allow them to quickly and efficiently check stock levels, reserve items, product information and many more things. This can really help with the efficiency of the store as not many people will be in the store room checking stock levels. Also, staff can talk and advice customers on the shop floor, this leads to them being able to collect more customer information if you would like target people directly.

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