Tips for staying ahead this Black Friday

Tips for staying ahead this Black Friday

We all know how stressful black Friday is. Shop owners and managers are constantly on edge trying to add final touches and extras to the store as it could result in mass sales on the day. Many people get side-tracked and forget the essentials on how to conduct a shop sale. Today we are going to inform you on some of the absolute essential techniques you need to use this holiday season.

Stay Optimistic

One of the worst things you can do as a small business owner is not take part in black Friday with the thought of the larger companies taking all the business as the prices will be cheaper. This is often the case in terms of price, but it does not mean you are out of the game completely. You could offer faster and cheaper delivery with the addition of free wrapping and similar things. This can often lead to sales as once a superstore runs out of a product then it will be more likely the new year when they get new stock. That is why it is always important to keep your hopes up as people may end up flocking to you for a certain desired item.

Keep the Flow going

Just because it Is called black Friday, it doesn’t mean you can only take part for that one day. If you think it is worth It, then you can increase the length of the sale to last a few more days. This allows people who were busy on Friday to come to you for the deals they are looking for. Some companies will instantly skyrocket prices after black Friday, but you can keep on the sales and get all the remaining stragglers.

Make a Map

This may sound over the top and slightly silly but in fact it can really improve customer satisfaction and chance of sales. If you are taking part in black Friday, then you can expect to have a very busy store and a lot of new customers. If you are lucky enough for new customers to enter the store, then you should be keen to provide them with a direct route to the product they are looking for. Give free map flyers at the door or have a few big maps at scattered around the store to help people wherever they are in the shop.

Re-Train ALL Staff

Black Friday is the busiest day of the year and the staff need to be prepared. It is common place for floor staff to not be fully engaged in the job or the customer’s needs. This cannot be the case on black Friday as customers will leave very quickly if the staff are incompetent. This is one of the main reasons for customers walking out of a store without a sale.


These have been just a few tips for running your store this Black Friday. If you enjoyed the post and found some useful information then please check out our other posts.