Valid reasons why you need as point of sale and inventory system in your store

Valid reasons why you need as point of sale and inventory system in your store

In pretty much every industry from retail to grocery they all use and need a great POS system. It can be one of your biggest assets and if it Is up-to scratch and you have purchased a worthwhile investment then it will work much like a group of experts behind the scenes. A good POS system will keep things moving along efficiently and quickly. To ensure your spot in retail you need a POS system that can keep up with the times and one that will help run your business the right way.


  1. It can save you A LOT of time.


Using a POS system and software means that you will be able to increase the speed of which you can make sales and take orders. Every item with a barcode can be easily scanned and tagged then put quickly into a bag. You can even get POS software and portable card readers that can work with Tablets which allows you to take payments at any place in the store.


It will 100% speed up your inventory management, if your POS comes with a built-in inventory and barcode scanning system, you will no longer have to search through many options when ringing up a sale. It should automatically deduct the item from your current inventory which means you won’t have to manually do it.


It can provide faster payroll processing; the system should automatically log staff hours when they are using the checkout. It will record the hours over the week and even print off a payslip! No more manually logging work hours which can be fixed and manipulated.


No more searching through piles and piles of receipts, you can use a POS software to search through your database of sales. It will be almost instantaneous regardless of how old the transaction is.


  1. You will be the all-seeing eye.


You can use POS software’s to provide up to the minuet sales reports which means you can almost instantly find out if your company is on track or if it needs some extra spice to get things going.


When you have a decent POS system in place you can even use the feature of real-time inventory tracking and management, the system should alert you either by text or email when you are running low on certain products. You can set when you want to be alerted also which means you can order the new batch before the old one has fully run out.


Using a POS system will tell you what items you sell the most and what other common items are bought alongside it, if you use mobile POS on tablets and phones for your staff then you can also log who sells the most whilst on the shop floor which is great for commending your members of staff.


Unbiased and tamper-free employee attendance monitoring, this means that when your staff members come to work at the cash register, it means they cannot enter the working hours themselves as they must log in and out when using the system. No more slacking when it comes to staff effort rates.


  1. Much better CRM


You can update customer information instantly at the till, you can email them am electronic receipt. This means you have a much better connection with the customer when they leave the store. You can send thankyou emails and then offer them even better deals on similar products they have bought in the past.


Using a POS system means you can easily set up a reward system, you can track what customers buy and then give them rewards such as discounts or free sponsored products. This will incline the customer to use you more often as they will eventually get something back from you.


These have been just a small amount of the positives that come with using an electronic POS system, if you would like to learn more about what they can do for you and your business then we would highly recommend checking out some of our other posts as we are sure you will find some interesting information, you can do so here.