Black Friday Marketing Tips you Will Use for Life

Black Friday Marketing Tips you Will Use for Life

Across the world, industries are preparing for one of the busiest days of the year… Black Friday. Where prices drop, and mass amounts of people shop both online and off. Many small companies will simply jump on the bandwagon and expect an easy free ride. This cannot be further from the truth! If you don’t prepare correctly and fail to anticipate how serious black Friday is to people, then you are not in for the best of times. Luckily for you, here at Kalkmann we are going to offer to you some free insider information to ensure you get your fair share of black Friday gold.

Here are just a few fantastic tips to help you this year.


1 – Go the Extra… and then some.

Going the extra mile is a sort of unwritten and concrete rule of retail and any business to be honest. But for this time of year it is simply not enough. What small business’s need to do to keep up with the big chains are as follows: Offer personal attention, of course people love low prices, but you cannot compete with the prices of the mega-chains, so you need to provide your customers with some extra attention, try offering extended support contracts, free no-hassle refunds and even gift wrapping! This will grab customers who are not in the mad rush of the day but who are still looking for great deals.

2 – Offer free setup & delivery.

This is sure to grab a few customers; many big chain companies offer really reduced prices on all things from computers to wardrobes. However, these chains do not really offer the best support when it comes to set up and things like that. As part of your November 23rd techniques you should offer all customers free set-up and delivery IN TIME for Christmas. This will let the customer know they do not have to worry about setting up tedious packs and such on Christmas day. Ensure you can correctly assemble the products and have a courier ready for deliveries.

3 – Promote to ‘Special Customers’

It’s this time of year where people really appreciate being valued. People go out of their way to be kind and offer other things we would not usually. You should be no different, if you have been conducting business in this modern era then you are likely and should have a marketing email list that features all the customers which have given you their personal email address, this can be achieved via newsletter forms or even membership sign ups to your website. Use this to your advantage and make the email you send out personalised in terms of how you address the customer and the deals you offer them. This will in return make them think of you this season and possible spend their money with you.

Here have been just a select few tips that you can use to improve your business’s chance of getting custom this November 23rd. If you found some of the information useful then do not hesitate to look at our other blogs as we are sure you will find some useful information. You can find the posts here.