Hidden Features of Your Restaurant POS Software.

9Hidden Features of Your Restaurant POS Software.

Little to people surprise, there is A LOT of features in a POS software that you have never seen and heard of. This could be because they are not necessary in the line of work you do. This however, does not mean they are useless. That is why today we are going to go through some of the lesser known features of a POS software that still can be useful.


Voids and order changes

This is a simple function that can potentially spot possible gaps and inefficiencies in your workforces understanding of the restaurant POS software. If you see a trend of voids and cancelled items during a shift, you can decide whether your staff has been adequately trained to use the restaurant POS software. Because, as everyone knows, mistakes can lead to more mistakes which in return can cost your company money in the long term.


Ticket Transfers

Cash is king, and less-honourable staff members are usually first to notice when customers plan on using the green stuff to pay their bills. By checking for check transfers – the movement of items from one tab to another party’s bill – you can easily spot and neutralize servers who collect the cash, transfer items, then pocket the difference as a tip without being noticed. For the record, your restaurant POS software also can red flag similar behaviours with comps, discounts, etc. Your POS isn’t meant to be “Big Brother,” but when there’s a situation unfolding, you’ll be glad it can.


Food Cost Analysis

Ow, away from the depressing subject of workplace theft. When it really comes to crunch time, the best measure of success is having a poplar and loved item remaining in stock at the lowest cost possible. Customers will get what they came for and they will know you never run out of that product. By running a simple yet affective sales mix report, you can efficiently determine how much of each product you moved, how much you need for the next service and how much loss you may have incurred per shift. You can even get a good idea of what the ideal food spend should be day to day and week to week. Your food budget will never waver if you have these real-time restaurant analytics to tell you what food is hot out the oven.


These have been just a small amount of the hidden features inside the majority of POS software’s. If you enjoyed this post and found some useful information, then please do not hesitate to check out our other posts and information services here.